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Contactless Smart Card


Contactless Smart Card


Integra Microsystems, Inc. is a leading company that offers cutting-edge turn key solutions and enabling technologies for the contact-less smart card industry. Founded in 1988 as a pioneering developer of Integrated Computer Systems with local and remote peripherals, Integra Microsystems partners with premier software and hardware manufacturers to develop and deliver customized innovative technologies, products and equipment for the contact-less smart card industry, local & remote data and records entry. All of the Company products are supported by a centralized database and applications system.

Discover why you should go Contactless.

With a flexible business approach and tailor-made solutions, Integra Microsystems offers a complete range of innovative contact-less products and technologies to meet every need.

From finished personalized contact-less smart cards to top-of-the-line card components and manufacturing equipment, Integra Microsystems is the one-stop shop, high-end contact-less smart card company.

Integra Microsystems also provides outstanding customer service, from professional advice to technology upgrades of existing systems, that help more and more Governments, Institutions and Businesses go contact-less every day.